Ultrsonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Digital thickness gauge with B Scan, can be measured high attenuating and coarse-grained material, tube dia up to ¼” with paint and oxide by using Olympus 38 DLP

The Olympus 38 DLP Thickness Gauge is a cutting-edge device revolutionizing non- destructive testing. Engineered by Olympus for precision, this gauge employs dual-element transducers for accurate thickness measurements on various materials. With a user-friendly interface and a large, backlit display, it ensures easy operation even in challenging environments. The instrument's versatile design accommodates a range of applications, from corrosion assessment to material characterization. Equipped with advanced features, including data logging and customizable setups, the Olympus 38 DLP enhances efficiency in industrial inspections. This portable, reliable gauge exemplifies Olympus' commitment to innovation and excellence in non-destructive testing technology.