Radiography Testing with SE-75

Selenium-75 Source Radiographs are having much better definition and contrast like X-Ray radiographs. Se-75 Radiography work is seldom available in India

Selenium-75 (Se-75) and Iridium-192 (Ir-192) are both commonly used radioactive isotopes in industrial radiography for non-destructive testing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific application. Lower energy emissions: Selenium-75 emits lower energy gamma rays compared to Ir-192. This can be advantageous in certain applications where lower energy radiation is preferred, such as when inspecting thinner materials or materials with lower density. Reduced scatter: The lower energy gamma rays emitted by Se-75 are associated with reduced scatter compared to higher energy gamma rays emitted by Ir-192. Reduced scatter can lead to more precise images and improved resolution in radiographic inspections. Se-75 is less hazardous and may be subject to less stringent regulatory requirements than Ir-192. The lower energy emissions of Se-75 can result in lower radiation doses to workers and reduced radiation exposure to surrounding areas (Chordon off distance) during radiographic inspections. This can contribute to improved safety for personnel and the public.:

Converting RT film into digital form through a digitizer significantly enhances the efficiency, quality, and versatility of Radiographic Testing while promoting environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.