Digital Radiography

Instant Digital Radiographic images to your desktop by using 320 kV-0.1 mm focal spot X-Ray

Digital Radiography (DR) represents a significant advancement over traditional film-based radiography in several key aspects:

  • Immediate Results: DR provides instant image acquisition and display, eliminating the need for chemical development and reducing waiting time. This expedites decision-making and minimizes downtime in critical applications.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: DR produces high-resolution images with superior contrast and exposure latitude. This results in improved defect detection capabilities and greater accuracy in assessing material conditions.
  • Image Manipulation: Digital radiographs can be adjusted post-capture, allowing for zooming, brightness/contrast adjustments, and the ability to emphasize specific areas of interest. This flexibility enhances the inspector's ability to analyze details.
  • Data Storage and Retrieval: DR images are stored digitally, making them easier to archive, retrieve, and share. This feature simplifies long-term record-keeping and facilitates remote expert analysis.
  • Environmentally Friendly: DR eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals used in film processing and reduces the generation of waste, making it an environmentally preferable option.
  • Cost Savings: Over time, DR can be more cost-effective than film-based radiography due to reduced consumable costs, faster inspections, and improved overall efficiency.

These advancements make digital radiography a preferred choice in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, and healthcare, where rapid, high-quality inspection results are paramount.